Three art exhibitions to view in Strathcona now!

Last weekend, we grabbed our masks and jumped in an Uber to view three art exhibitions we were eager to see. We were dropped off at 950 E. Cordova Street, amidst a scene that can only be described as some sort of hybrid of a Mad Max clip and a Turner landscape. The street was empty, we were surrounded by industrial buildings, warehouses and a blanket of wildfire smoke. As we exited the car, approached the metal door and pushed it with a little hesitation, we read CJ. 

We must admit that we felt a little intimidated to enter the large, well thought out, stunning gallery. Once we were in, the staff were friendly and the space was inviting, and for no other reason than the ones in our heads, should we have been feeling nervous. As we were having these feelings we were reminded exactly why we founded Curated Tastes to begin with – because if we were having these feelings (and we have been to our fair share of art shows, galleries, studios and museums) others might too. Our intention with CT was, and still is, to create another avenue for people to discover, learn and equip themselves with the art knowledge that they need to feel more comfortable with, and therefore enjoy art in the many different forms it comes in and in the various types of venues it can be housed in. 

Since currently we are unable to hold our usual in-person group tours, we are bringing art exhibitions to you in pictures. We believe it’s important to continually support every amazing person dedicating their life to art in one way or another and that a healthy and happy society needs a good dose of art. After all, this art was made for you!

Below are 3 art spaces we visited over the weekend that we encourage you to experience in person if you can! If you are feeling a little apprehensive, think of us and remember, it just takes that little pinch of courage to move past the invisible barrier that sometimes stands between you and some really amazing art.


950 East Cordova Street | Vancouver

Elizabeth McIntosh
Mom or Mother
September 12 – October 10, 2020

Artist Talk Online – 12PM September 19, 2020 – Register


1129 E Hastings St | Vancouver

Patryk Stasieczek
Benign Stupor
September 12 – TBA, 2020


artist run studio, shop and gallery

1636 Venables | Vancouver

Alison Fast
Still Hills

*this show has ended but we encourage you to stay up-to-date with them here (@slicevancouver) to see what’s up next!