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Discover Metro Vancouver’s art community and fall in love with it

Curated Tastes is Metro Vancouver’s first and only art mediation company.

Through fun, engaging and interactive art events, classes and tours, we make contemporary art approachable and relatable while introducing you to the local Vancouver art scene.

Outside of the walls of museums in Vancouver, the term Art Mediation is as unknown as the practice itself in Vancouver. Known in Quebec as ‘médiation culturelle’, art mediation refers to cultural action strategies centered on situations of exchange and encounter between the public and cultural and artistic circles. It is characterized by:

  • The implementation of means of support, creation and intervention intended for local populations and audiences in the artistic and cultural milieu.
  • The objective of promoting the diversity of forms of cultural expression and forms of participation in cultural life.

It is a question of widening and deepening the access of the population to the means of individual and collective creation (cultural democracy), as well as to the professional cultural offer (cultural democratization).

Professional circles, governments and academic researchers have developed different definitions of cultural mediation, which reflect the multiplicity of existing practices. (source)

Cultural mediation comes in many forms and variations, including guided visits, interactive classes, art walks, art talks, art-inspired creations, promotion of cultural offers and more. All of the aforementioned, offered by Curated Tastes.

Metro Vancouver is an artistic and culturally rich region. We help you unravel it!

The Metro Vancouver art scene is booming and increasingly becoming the home of exciting and diverse art. There are over 30 galleries, hundreds of artist studios and other cultural spaces hiding in your region and waiting for you to walk through their doors. We open the doors of these diverse spaces and help you connect with their art and people through our engaging events!

Art is for everyone

Have you ever wandered into an art gallery and felt so intimidated that you walked straight out? Went to an exhibition but did not understand the art?  Attended an open studio and did not know how to connect with the artist? Wondered what the difference between abstract art, modern art and contemporary art is but were too afraid to ask? 

We know that contemporary art is commonly considered as “exclusive” and only accessible to other artists and connoisseurs. And we also know that you have many questions about art but you just don’t know who or how to ask.

This is why Curated Tastes exists, to open the doors of intimidating galleries, cultural spaces and happenings in and around Vancouver.  With every event, partnership and action, we demystify contemporary art and make it approachable to every curious Vancouverite or visitor. 

We do this through a variety of art events ranging from gallery tours to art appreciation and history classes. With these experiences, you’ll discover new places in Vancouver and meet other art enthusiasts. With our events, you’ll develop a new understanding and appreciation for contemporary art and a new way to connect with people in your community.

Our events are interactive so your participation is encouraged. Through discussion and conversation, you will gain different perspectives and ultimately, you will curate a unique taste for art.

Curate a taste for local art

Curated Tastes verb
Cu.ra.ted | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-təd      Tastes | tāsts
The action of carefully building and nurturing an aesthetic taste and appreciation for contemporary art.
"I am curating my tastes by learning about contemporary art and visiting galleries."
Curated Tastes noun
Cu.ra.ted | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-təd      Tastes | tāsts
A carefully nurtured appreciation for art.
"I have a curated taste which allows me to understand art better"
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A great place to connect with others

Our events provide the perfect environment to connect with friends, make new ones and/or expand your network. We love creating new connections and will always incorporate an optional social component in our tours and classes.

So what are you waiting for? Come to one of our events and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get preferential pricing and access to first tickets.

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