About us

Discover Vancouver’s art community and fall in love with it

Curated Tastes is Vancouver’s first and only art mediation company.

Through fun, engaging and interactive art events, classes and tours, we make contemporary art approachable and relatable while introducing you to the local Vancouver art scene.

Curated Tastes verb
Cu.ra.ted | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-təd      Tastes | tāsts
The action of carefully building and nurturing an aesthetic taste and appreciation for contemporary art.
"I am curating my tastes by learning about contemporary art and visiting galleries."
Curated Tastes noun
Cu.ra.ted | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌā-təd      Tastes | tāsts
A carefully nurtured appreciation for art.
"I have a curated taste which allows me to understand art better"

Curate a taste for local art

Curated Tastes was created in 2019 by art historian Miret Rodriguez and art appraiser Rebecca Robertson.
The Vancouver art scene is booming and becoming the home of exciting and diverse art. There are dozens of galleries hiding in your neighborhood waiting for you to walk through the door and enjoy the work of the local talent.


Have you ever wandered into an art gallery and felt so intimidated that you walked straight out? We know that in the past, contemporary art has been considered “exclusive” and only accessible to other artists and connoisseurs.

This is why we created Curated Tastes, to demystify contemporary art and make it approachable to all art enthusiasts.

We do this through a variety of art events ranging from gallery tours to art appreciation and history classes. With these experiences, you’ll discover new places in Vancouver and meet other art enthusiasts. Together, you’ll develop a new understanding and appreciation for contemporary art.

Our events are interactive so your participation is encouraged. Through discussion and conversation, you will gain different perspectives and ultimately, you will curate a unique taste for art.

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