Strathcona Gallery Hop | Gallery George, WAAP and Container Brewery

November 12, 2022 at Gallery George, WAAP and Container brewery. 

One of our favourite seasons is here, not only because we get to snuggle into cozy sweaters and drink our favourite warm drinks but also because galleries and museums across the city are back on full gear after their summer breaks. New exhibitions popping around make fall a super exciting time for gallery hops!

The sun shone bright this past Saturday November 12, perfect for our gallery hop in Strathcona. Probably as an omen for the fantastic time we had together thanks to our newest tour guide Natasha, our guest speakers and our lovely artcurious guests!

It was an absolute pleasure to have such an engaged group that was open to fully experience the artworks and talk about the art amongst each other during the tour.

Our first stop was at The Gallery George, a gallery that was initially located on George St, right next to Parker Studios. We learnt that the gallery originally began as an artist-run space by artists from Parker studios. Since November 2021 the gallery has been run by Theresa Mura who gave us an overview of their fall exhibition which as other exhibitions in that space give many artists the opportunity to exhibit their work for the first time in Vancouver. 

After enjoying the works up close and hearing more stories behind the fall-inspired works we headed out to Wil Aballe Art Projects (WAAP), one of our favourite art spots in Strathcona.

It’s so easy to fall in love with this space. Wil the gallerist behind WAAP is always there with a welcoming attitude to talk about the artists he supports with solo exhibitions, art fairs and other exciting projects. This time we got to bathe in the universe of award-winning writer-artist-educator Chantal Gibson. Through visual art Gibson has such an impactful and witty way to speak to themes of gendered and generational (dis)connection, (dis)placement and re(dis)covery.

We were captivated by her blackened vintage spoons augmented into large photographs which revealed minute details exposing a portrait of a time, a place, a transaction that should not be forgotten and should be spoken about. 

These two visits left us with much to digest and talk about so we headed out to meet Liam from Container Brewery who greeted us with a sample beer of our liking and guided us to our own private room to learn about the art behind making beer and designing the brewery’s labels! 

We hope you can join us at our next gallery hop happening on Saturday December 10, 2022. Our events are welcoming, informative, inspiring and above all lots of fun! 

Thanks so much to our friends Angela, Kristin and Mark for taking capturing such great moments of this gallery hop with their cameras!