Art & Cocktails | Vancouver Downtown Gallery Hop

July 23 at the Contemporary Art Gallery and former Republic Gallery

On Friday July 23, we had the pleasure of introducing the modern paintings and drawings of Leon Polk Smith under the exhibition ‘Big Form, Big Space’ (May 14-August 22, 2021) at the Contemporary Art Gallery (CAG). Danielle Green, curator of Learning and Public Engagement, welcomed us with an introduction about CAG’s history and Leon Polk Smith’s work. We then continued the conversation by observing the vibrant colours, sinuous lines and sensual shapes in Smith’s work. We talked about the play between negative and positive space in his paintings and drawings, about his tear paper drawings and about his interest on form explored through his tondos. 

Our Downtown Gallery hop continued at the former Republic Gallery where contemporary photographer Dan Jackson exhibited his digitally painted photographs during the month of July under his Third Floor Gallery Project. 

At the ephemeral Third Floor Gallery Project, we had the opportunity to meet Dan Jackson and learn from his interest in the shapes he photographs and distinguishes from one another with softened rainbow colours. 

Bartendress Carolyn Yu spoke about her interpretation of Dan Jackson’s ‘Finch No.3’ and taught us how to make her ‘Reconfigured Bird’ cocktail. We then got to mingle and connect over Yu’s art-inspired cocktail and Dip & Sip‘s beautiful charcuterie and cheese cones. 

The Contemporary Art Gallery (555 Nelson Street) is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 6pm.

Photography by Linda Huang